Juniper Networks Introduces a Junos Powered Open Compute Project Switch


New Public Cloud Optimized Switching Platform Propels Open Networking Forward

SUNNYVALE, CA -- (Marketwired) -- 12/03/14 -- Juniper Networks (NYSE: JNPR), the industry leader in network innovation, today introduced Juniper Networks® OCX1100, the first switch to combine Open Compute Project (OCP) hardware design with a carrier-class network operating system, Junos® OS. The new switch, which will be available the first quarter of 2015, provides customers who build large and massive scale data centers with an open, cost-effective, disaggregated switching platform.

Large cloud builders, such as Web 2.0 and web-hosting companies, are seeking ways to more efficiently build data center networks at scale to support tens to hundreds of thousands of servers. While the largest, massive scale cloud operators have solved this need with solutions created internally, or white box switches, these options are challenging for many companies due to the level of resources required to develop, install and support custom solutions. Combining Junos OS with OCP submitted hardware delivers a unique solution that removes the burden of support, installation and maintenance from cloud providers while delivering on the promise of an open source hardware design.

News Highlights:
Juniper Networks OCX1100 will provide large cloud providers with proven software and open source network hardware that is much easier to deploy, integrate and support.

  • OCX1100 runs an optimized version of Junos, based on Linux, which delivers the features required for deployment in L3 networks. Additionally, the OCX1100 includes a range of open software interfaces and automation capabilities such as:
    • Open, standards-based programmatic interfaces, including Python, which allows custom scripts and applications to interact with Junos.
    • Support for native installation of tools in Junos, including Puppet and Chef, which enables automated programming and provisioning.
    • Real time ephemeral table programming to Junos software development kits (SDK).
    • Open Network Install Environment (ONIE) that enables disaggregation and loading of third-party network operating systems, freeing customers from vendor lock in.
  • Juniper is working with Alpha Networks, a leading original device manufacturer (ODM), on the hardware design, which has been submitted to the OCP for review. Approval of the design is expected by the time the switch is available for purchase.
  • The OCX1100 provides the added benefit of complete Juniper technical support services for the hardware and software, lowering risk and increasing reliability for customers.
  • The new product will be available during the first quarter of 2015, and purchasing options will include volume-based pricing.

Supporting Quotes:
"The introduction of the OCX1100 is an example of Juniper Networks not only embracing the disruption brought on by emerging cloud technologies, but also moving the industry forward by providing the largest cloud providers with a viable option to create cost-effective and reliable large scale data centers. We remain committed to constant innovation and building open products that provide our customers with the technology they need today and in the future."
- Mike Marcellin, senior vice president, strategy and marketing, Juniper Networks

"The rise of cloud and massive data centers presents an opportunity to fundamentally change enterprise business models -- if organizations can build cost-effective data centers that scale. Our partner, Juniper Networks, has met demands like this by delivering innovative technologies -- so I am not at all surprised to see them disaggregate the 'traditional' data center switch and become the first major networking provider to deliver a switch based on Open Compute Project guidelines."
- Martin Casado, senior vice president and general manager, Network and Security Business Unit, VMware

"We are honored to work with Juniper Networks to provide the hardware that will underpin Juniper's ground-breaking, Open Compute Project-based switching solution to enable large cloud builders to create massive data center networks. The OCX1100 will provide customers with all the benefits of an OCP-compliant hardware design combined with a hardened Junos operating system and fully-integrated support model."
- Harrison Chang, president, Alpha Networks

"Wind River is excited to partner with Juniper Networks to bring the industry's first carrier grade virtualized Open Compute Project platform to market. Leveraging Wind River Linux and Open Virtualization platforms to deliver the real-time performance of open source without the risk, Juniper's OCX1100 provides an open switching platform that meets and exceeds demanding network requirements."
- Paul Senyshyn, vice president and general manager, networking solutions, Wind River

"We are pleased to see Juniper Networks deliver a switch that will address the limitations of current solutions on the market by combining an OCP-based design with the proven Junos operating system. We look forward to continuing to work with Juniper as we plan for the future of our data center network."
- Mark Imbriaco, vice president of technical operations, DigitalOcean

"Network disaggregation is a significant market transition being looked at favorably by large cloud providers and some early adopter enterprises, where white box switch hardware coupled with open networking operating systems can provide a platform for innovation and sustained operational gains. IDC predicts that in 2015, some of the major network infrastructure providers will provide a befitting response to this growing interest in white box switches, and Juniper's launch of the open networking switch is clearly a positive step in that direction."
- Rohit Mehra, vice president, network infrastructure, IDC

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