Juniper Networks Unveils Industry’s Most Powerful Core Routing Platform


Company Shatters Performance Bar with Cost-Effective and Energy Efficient Converged Supercore Architecture That Combines New Silicon, Upgraded System Capacity and New Software-Defined Networking Capabilities

SUNNYVALE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Juniper Networks (NYSE:JNPR), the leader in network innovation, today at its 2015 Innovation Showcase introduced its enhanced Converged Supercore®, which includes new custom silicon, updates to the Juniper Networks® PTX Series router and expanded software-defined networking (SDN) capabilities. These new innovations will empower service providers to better connect a world amid explosive and unpredictable bandwidth demands. By combining the industry’s most advanced silicon with increased scale and SDN programmability, Juniper will deliver the most powerful and optimized core routing platform available – all in the industry’s most cost-effective and compact form factor.

Nearly half of the world’s population is connected to the Internet – a figure that will only continue to grow as more countries begin expanding mobile and fixed-line networks. Unfortunately, today’s methods of coping with this data deluge can prove costly and cumbersome. With today’s announcement, Juniper is building on its heritage of revolutionizing routing fundamentals and economics by setting new records for high-performance and traffic optimization by combining software, silicon and systems advancements to usher in the next generation of communications networks.

Silicon Advancements

Juniper’s new ExpressPlus custom silicon sits at the heart of the Converged Supercore to offer full IP routing and MPLS. The new ExpressPlus silicon will deliver four times the performance and three times the efficiency gains over Juniper’s previous-generation Express chipset.

Juniper’s new chip is the world’s most advanced silicon, capable of performing more than 1.5 billion filtered operations per second and scaling up to 500 Gbps (1 Tbps half-duplex). The 28 nanometer chip can drive 5x100G interfaces and leverages 3D memory architecture, reducing its physical footprint by 20 times compared with previous solutions, which optimizes power consumption and space requirements.

Juniper stays true to its heritage of continually pushing the boundaries of what a powerful network foundation can do for companies of all sizes. The ExpressPlus chip is a testament to Juniper’s focus on delivering, through its people and expertise, the industry’s most powerful, highest performing networking solutions.

System Advancements

New line cards for Juniper’s PTX Series core routers bring unprecedented levels of scale, capabilities and cost control to the network. Juniper’s PTX routers, featuring the new ExpressPlus silicon, combine full IP and MPLS functionality, transport integration and SDN programmability for uncompromised performance and ease of deployment.

With the PTX5000, Juniper can now deliver 3 Tbps per slot (30x100GE interfaces) for a total capacity of 24 Tbps (48 Tbps half-duplex), providing three times the competition’s throughput with industry-leading energy efficiency (1/2 watt per gigabit). Juniper Networks® PTX3000, designed specifically for space-constrained environments, can scale up to 8 Tbps or (16 Tbps half-duplex) in a form factor 91 percent smaller than its nearest competitor.

With this added level of performance, the PTX5000 could, for example, simultaneously stream HD video to every single person in Rio de Janeiro – and do so on the same amount of power it takes to drive an electric vehicle 35 miles.

SDN Advancements

Juniper also announced today it has extended the capabilities of its NorthStar Controller. These enhancements will provide visibility and control into additional layers of the network and fully support and handle dynamic traffic, such as that driven by mobile and cloud applications. As the industry’s only traffic-engineering controller capable of automatically controlling and programming multiple network layers, the NorthStar Controller will enable service providers to increase utilization by dynamically adjusting to changing network conditions in real-time and at the click of a button.

For many years, the network core was considered too manual, too rigid and too complex to adjust. This limited the ability to change the core to adjust to new services for fear of crippling the entire network. With today’s announcement, Juniper is bringing unprecedented levels of scale, automation and programmability to transform the network core into an agile platform to unleash new levels of efficiency for flexible service creation.

Additional 2015 Innovation Showcase News Highlights

  • Juniper today introduced the QFX10000, a new line of spine switches that will offer unprecedented scale, automation and performance to all types of data center and cloud deployments. Additionally, Juniper announced Junos® Fusion for data centers, which will enable customers to manage their entire data center as a single network to ensure simpler network designs and long-term investment protection.
  • Juniper also announced the availability of Express Path, an optimization capability for the SRX5000 Series Services Gateways that will dramatically boost throughput, reduce latency and improve session scalability for enterprises and service providers. This new technology enables the SRX firewall to keep pace with the massive volumes of data traffic on high-performance networks.

Supporting Quotes

“TDC required a next-generation packet optimized core transport solution that would give us not only the capacity needed to meet our exploding traffic demands but do so in a cost effective, energy efficient manner. We chose Juniper’s PTX5000 over the competition because it provides not only unmatched scalability and efficiency but also delivers tight packet-optical integration allowing us to gain greater insight and efficiencies in our network management and operations. With these features in place, we know that we can adapt to changes easily and offer new revenue-generating services to our customers.”

- Steen Nielsen, vice president of product management and technology for Broadband, TDC

"Our customers are under tremendous pressure to deliver more bandwidth efficiently. The Converged Supercore Architecture provides the highest packet performance, and lowest TCO and power consumption that our customers demand to remain competitive in the marketplace. The announcement made today will help our service provider customers meet the ever increasing demands on their network in a scalable, cost efficient way."

- Mark Plato, CEO, telent Technology Services, Ltd.

“With the enhancements to the Converged Supercore, Juniper Networks is positioning itself as a thought leader in the service provider routing space, not only by addressing higher capacity requirements, but also by focusing on automation and SDN programmability in order to make service providers' networks more agile and risk adverse. The PTX and MX Series together address key service router requirements in the edge and transit router requirements in the core and metro, which should help maximize cost optimization and service delivery.”

- Dr. Ray Mota, CEO and principal analyst, ACG Research

“Today, we build on the Converged Supercore architecture we announced in 2011 with the addition of new silicon, systems and software designed specifically to help our customers achieve unparalleled levels of scale in our platforms and a level of performance, automation and optimization never before seen in the industry with NorthStar SDN control. This holistic approach to networking gives our customers the power to innovate and bring new concepts to life through connecting ideas to people and people to solutions.”

- Jonathan Davidson, executive vice president and general manager, Juniper Development and Innovation, Juniper Networks

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